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Who for, what and why?

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Sunbeam Talbot Darracq (STD) Register is an organisation for enthusiasts of Sunbeam, Talbot and Darracq cars whose web site is www.stdregister.org.uk

This internet based Forum allows STD Register members worldwide to access a wide range of technical discussion topics and over 12 gigabytes of reference resource information.
It provides an interactive means to ask for help and advice on technical matters as well as a reference library, photo archive and shared on-line resource.

The technical discussion forum contains over 15,000 searchable postings on over 3,000 topics. Members can browse or search previous discussions or ask their own questions and receive suggestions, hints and tips from other members. Topics are arranged in sections on Engines & Gearbox; Fuel system, Carburettor & Tuning; Cooling & Exhaust; Ignition; Electrical; Chassis, Suspension, Axles and Steering; Brakes, Wheels & Tyres and Bodywork, Paint, Instruments & Trim.

There is a Notice Board of parts for sale, wanted and spotted for sale on eBay, Cars for Sale and Sold

The technical reference library is indexed, downloadable and contains:
• Archives of all STD Journals published since the register was formed in 1950, monthly Newsletters since 1976 and STD Australian Newsletters since 2001
• Library of over 1,000 technical reference and period articles
• Online version of STD archive CDs containing over 2,000 historic publications, articles, handbooks, spare parts lists, drawings, specifications & performance data
• Photo archive of aver 7000 images from historic albums in the care of the Register as well as shots of many of the members’ cars at various stages in their ownership.

Many new members find the forum an invaluable place to learn about their car, get help, advice and make contact with owners of similar cars.
In case of difficulty contact Mike Lunch on +44 (O)78O2 9O9O9O or mike.lunch(at)gmail.com

If you are a member of STD Register, you are welcome to join this forum - please "Register" in the top right corner of this page.

If you are not yet a member of STD Register and would like to join - please visit the main web site for details of membership and how to apply: www.stdregister.org.uk
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